Theraflex Ltd is committed to after sales service and appreciate  how important this is to the professional therapist.


All equipment is supplied with a standard 12 month warranty, if you need service support during this period or anytime afterwards please call us on 07885157825


Service exchange philosophy


The equipment has been designed for professional long term use, to enable the equipment to be repaired when components reach the end of their service life the working parts have been grouped into 3 main sub-assemblies that are simple to replace in the field without the need of specialist engineers.

These sub-assemblies are; the handset, the silenced compressor unit and the computer PCB.


The handset and supply hose come as one assembly that can be fitted by the operator, the silenced compressor unit and computer PCB do not require specialised wiring but their replacement would normally be undertaken by an experienced electrical fitter or a Theraflex service engineer.